Allegan Tubular Products, Inc. tube fabrication, forming and bending.  


Allegan Tubular Products, Inc. sign Allegan Tubular Products serves customers and their fabricated tubing requirements in the water heater industry, motorcycle aftermarket, office furniture, school furniture, exercise equipment, boiler, fireplace, wire carriers, tubing carriers and wire transporter industries and other industries where tubing is used.

ISO 9001:2015 certified
ISO 9001:2015 certified
Allegan Tubular Products, the leader in fabricated tubing and tube assemblies for the appliance industry is fast becoming the leader in the wire carrier world. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards and as such, product quality and all other aspects of meeting our customers' requirements and expectations are measured and continuously improved.

Attention - New!! Allegan Tubular Products has recently received an ISO Re-Certification Update for both of its plants. To see the updated Intertek ISO 9001:2015 Certification, click here.

Attention - Update!! Allegan Tubular Products is in the process of completing new website development that is well underway. The new website will be launched into production, during daytime business hours, on Tuesday, October 19th, 2021. Please be aware that there may be a period of downtime, that occurs during that day, when you cannot gain access to our website. Once the technical migration work is complete, our new Allegan Tubular Product's website will be available for viewing in live production. Also, the same domain name(web/internet) address will be used to gain access to information about our manufacturing company as in the past.
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Norn Machine Tools 80 TMRE CNC Bender

This Horn Machine Tools 80 TMRE CNC Bender is capable of bending tube from 0.039 inches OD to 3.150 inches OD. Click here to go to the CNC Bender page to learn more.


Wire Carriers

Added to our list of products and capabilities are these items: wire carriers (click here to go to the wire carrier page), tubing carriers, coil carriers, wire hats, wire transporters, bicycle racks, picnic table and outdoor furniture frames, and other tubular fabrication up to 3 inch outside diameter.

Products & Processes

Form Drilling
"Form Drilling" allows wall thickness to be "Built Up" for more threads.


End forms and fittings
Here are some examples of end forms and fittings.


Tubular fabricating, forming and bending.
ATP can fabricate tube in a wide variety of materials and requirements.

We fabricate tubing used in gas, water, air, hydraulic, gasoline and other liquid applications, making products such as gas feed-lines, gas manifolds, visor tubes, spacer tubes, flexible stainless gas lines, overflow tubes, handlebars, EGR tubes, vent tubes, pilot tubes, school desk tubes, chair tubes, spa heaters, draw tubes, air tubes, fluid tubes, burner supply tubes, handrail tubes, drop tubes, transmission tubes, dipstick tubes, fuel intake tubes, sprinkler system tubes, wire carriers, wire hats, tube carriers and coil carriers.

Our tube forming capabilities include metal tube end forming, tube swaging, tube reducing, tube bending, CNC tube bending, tube beading, tube welding, tube flaring, tube flanging, tube machining, general machining, CNC machining, tube assembly (with weldments, brackets or other tubes) and more. We can provide finished product complete with the coating or plating of your choice, including: e-coating, zinc plating, chrome plating and powder coating.

We have experience in fabricating tubes of carbon steels, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel and flexible stainless steel.

Metal tube fabricating processes include:

Still family owned and still bending and fabricating tube in Allegan, Michigan, we are in a modern, clean, 40,000 square foot building with dedicated and hard working employees.

Our tool-room gives us a distinct advantage over other tubing fabricators. We can build our own machines and tools for your job quickly and at a competitive price. Along with our machine and tool building prowess, we often develop cost saving ideas that help our customers' bottom lines. We know tube fabricating and we know the most economical way to do the job.

Warehousing is available in Allegan at our plant or near your facility.

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