Allegan Tubular Products, Inc. tube fabrication, forming and bending.  


Please review the photos on this page. Here are just a few reasons why you can trust Allegan Tubular Products, Inc. with your tube fabricating, forming and bending requirements.

Cut-off and tube end forming
Don Oetman operates a Burr Oak Cut-off and tube end forming machine. Don has been with Allegan Tubular Products since September of 1985.

Shipping Department
We have a modern warehouse located in the back of our facility that is used to store finished product before shipment.

Burr Oak CNC bender
This modern Burr Oak CNC bender allows for high quality, repeatable tube bending to 7/8 inch OD.

Zinc plated part illustrates tube forming, tapping, brazing, and resistance welding
This zinc plated part illustrates tube forming, tapping, brazing, and resistance welding.

Tool Room
Our 3034 square foot tool room is utilized to build our own machines and tools for jobs run within our facility.

Elevated Conveyor Systems
Elevated conveyor systems and cellular product flow reduces lead times and saves bending and lifting.

MicroVu quality control
The MicroVu in our quality tube fabrication lab insures fast and accurate lay-outs on new parts as well as those in production.

Plated tubular part with OD tube threading, welded stamping and tapped holes
This tubular part is also plated. Note the OD tube threading, welded stamping, and tapped holes.


Flattened OD for auto sun visor
These 5/16 inch OD fabricated tubes have been flattened on the OD. These precise détentes will allow the sun visor in an automobile to stay in the proper position.